Welcome to Reben Mobility

We all remember the day we got our driver’s license because of the sense of freedom and independence that it gave us. Today, more than ever, driving is an essential everyday activity of an independent lifestyle whether its driving to work, running errands, enjoying leisure time or raising a family.

At Reben Mobility located in Toowoomba Queensland we have been giving disabled people across Australia the opportunity to live a fuller life by customising vehicles to their specific needs.

Our motto is ‘putting you in the drivers seat’

because we want to do everything we can to increase your independence and maintain your freedom and mobility. Every day we are helping to show people that they don’t necessarily need to give up driving just because of a disability, medical condition or amputation.

All of our driver products are designed, made and shipped FAST Australia wide


We supply and fit a complete range of driver products including

·         Hand Controls
·         Spinner Knobs
·         Left Foot Accelerators
·         Indicator Extensions
·         Automated Clutch
·         Pedal Extensions

Lift & Loading products including

·         Chair & Scooter Lift
·         Personal Transfer &
·         Swivel Seats

Our products extend to driving school dual control pedals

And finally our specialty is customized modifications for your unique vehicle or requirement.

Call us today on 1300620 774 to find out how we can help put you back in the drivers seat.